To the hacker community for providing me with the high-quality software that I use in my daily work, such as Linux, the GNU utilities, perl, ssh, sendmail, procmail, bind, vim, and RCS.

To Sun Microsystems for their high-end workstations and ArborText for their SGML tool Adept*Publisher, version 6.0M.

To the FEPCO variant of ISO 12083:1994, the industrial grade SGML DTD that in more ways than one provided the structure for this work.

To the remote arctic and desert regions of Earth, where PDU-1 was initially conceived.

To the wild javelinas Clicker, Slit-Ear, Scar-Nose, Punkie, One-Eye, Cutie-Pie, Clippy, Knockie, and Lookie, who, along with their families, also played their part.

To the wild javelina Split-Ear (in memoriam).

To Anton and Dagmar, whose art perfectly captured the spirit of PDU-1.

And most of all, to Alit, for her encouragement, help, and suggestions.

Were it not for all of the aforementioned, this odd book would not have come into being.

As Morgan might have observed to Ryahda: life is strange, isn't it?

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