"PDU-1 is magnificent! It feels to me as though a new Philip Dick or James Blish is being reborn."

--Prof. Marvin Minsky
MIT Media Lab and MIT AI Lab

"Finally a science fiction novel worth thinking about. I hunger like a Virginian for the next installment."

--Erik Shonstrom
Writer & Teacher (complete review - 1065 words)

"PDU-1 is a tremendous novella, and belongs alongside True Names and Neuromancer. I would describe it as a page turner, except that I was using Acrobat Reader (hmm...does that make it a PAGE DOWNER?). Seriously, I had difficulty putting it down. Like the guy said, I hunger for more."

--Julian E. Gomez, Ph.D
Senior Staff Engineer, Sun Microsystems

"PDU-1 is a special book! Not only is the story unique and finely developed, but the attention to production detail is marvelous. The color maps on glossy paper, author's note, glossary, etc all add something extra to the book -- something seldom seen these days. And the universe created in the story captures that old-time sense of wonder. Every opportunity I have to nominate &/or vote for the book in forthcoming awards, it will get my vote. It's that good!."

--J. W. Jones
Physician & SF Collector

Not your standard, garden-variety science fiction story. Did I mention PDU-1, the orbiting computer that maintains and defines reality, desire, memory and everything else in this world?

--Mark V. Ziesing Books
(From the review in their catalog)

Table of Contents

Front Matter



Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

Back Matter

Author's Note (Music)

The Complete Book (except for Cover Art & Maps) in PDF and PS

PDF (Link page)
PS (Link page)

Cover Art, Maps

Cover Art by Anton Krajnc (205 kb)
Cover Art Details by Anton Krajnc (246 kb)
Cover Art by Anton Krajnc (Javelina and Ryahda) (27 kb)
Map I by Anton Krajnc (Javelina Island) (239 kb)
Map II by Anton Krajnc (Eos, Central Desert, Port Da'Kal) (230 kb)


If you would like a copy of the hardcover edition...
PDU-1 Cover Photo (184 kb)
Publisher's Note (Standard Disclaimer)
Author Photo (from the hardcover edition's dust jacket)
About the Author (from the hardcover edition's dust jacket)
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