"...A significant achievement in the field of aviation & space communications."

--Hal Greshanoff
President, Aviation/Space
Writers Association

"An impressive, authoritative text on Alaskan bush flying by a pilot who has been there and knows what he is talking about. I loved this book -- it should be on every serious pilot's bookshelf."

--Barry Schiff
Aviation Author and Airline Captain

"This book is an absolute treasure trove of hard-learned wisdom about diverse subjects of interest to every pilot: maximum- performance maneuvers, cold weather operations, powerplant management procedures, weather flying, safety, good judgment, and professionalism...reading this book will forever change the way I fly."

--Mike Busch
Co-founder of www.avweb.com, 4000
hour CFII/I/ME and Cessna T310 owner

"A fascinating look at a little-known area of flying, this book will not only help the reader extract more performance from any airplane, but will greatly extend any pilot's perspective."

--John Deakin
24,000 hour former bush pilot in SE Asia
with Air America, now a 747 Captain for JAL

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Foreword, by Dan McCarthy
A Note on Style and Structure

Section I: Equipment & Environment

Part I: Introduction: The Terrain
Chapter 1: Summer Conditions
Chapter 2: Winter Conditions
Chapter 3: The Transition Times

Part II: Introduction: The Weather
Chapter 4: Winter
Chapter 5: Spring
Chapter 6: Summer
Chapter 7: Fall

Part III: Introduction: The Airplanes
Chapter 8: The Super Cub
Chapter 9: The Cessna 180/185
Chapter 10: The Cessna 206

Part IV: Introduction: Special Operating Procedures
Chapter 11: Problems with Frost, Snow, and Ice
Chapter 12: Preheating Equipment and Methods
Chapter 13: Cold Weather Engine Operations

Part V: Introduction: Navigation Tips: Silk Scarf to High Tech
Chapter 14: Thumb on Map
Chapter 15: The LORAN/GPS RMI Combo

Section II: Flying Techniques

Part I: Introduction: Wheels
Chapter 16: Takeoffs
Chapter 17: Approaches
Chapter 18: Ground effect
Chapter 19: Landings

Part II: Introduction: Skis
Chapter 20: Types of Skis
Chapter 21: Ground Handling
Chapter 22: Takeoffs
Chapter 23: Landings

Section III: Images

Introduction: Images
Chapter 24: Emergency Landing (winter)
Chapter 25: Optical Illusions: Flying's Subtle Traps
Chapter 26: Swing Low (But Not Too Low), Sweet Chariot
Chapter 27: A Slightly More Than Gentle Breeze...

Section IV: Appendix



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