About the Author

A deep interest in Baroque music, literature, and aviation, combined with a taste for frontiers (both physical and mental), led F. E. Potts to travel widely in his youth, mostly in North Africa, the Middle East, and India. In 1962, out of curiosity, he visited Alaska, where he spent the next 22 years working as a bush pilot.

In 1985 he moved to the Sonoran Desert, where he still lives. He has been using the Internet since 1987 (in its early days also a frontier), and is especially fond of the Linux flavor of Unix. He was an early adopter of SGML, and his web site was one of the first 800 on the web.

He has written many magazine articles over the years, both technical and nontechnical, and his highly-acclaimed book on flying in the North, F. E. Potts' Guide to Bush Flying: Concepts and Techniques for the Pro, has, besides winning the Aviation/Space Writers Association's 1994 Award of Excellence, become the standard text in its field. PDU-1 is his first venture into fiction and reflects his many-faceted nature, interests, and background.

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